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What is Stone Paper?

Stone paper is a type of paper made from calcium carbonate and other minerals. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional paper, as it uses fewer resources and produces less waste. Stone paper is tear-resistant, waterproof, and recyclable.

Unlike traditional paper, stone paper is made without trees and does not require water or bleach. It is also made without any acids or alkalis, making it more environmentally friendly. Stone paper is also more durable and has a longer lifespan than traditional paper.

About Us

ILHANLAR High Engineering Technology Consultancy Trading Ltd. Co. is the leader in stone paper production technology. Through bilateral investigation and close collaboration with international partners, the company is providing technology and the facility of producing stone paper worldwide. The company is capable of providing technology to produce paper from 70 to 1000 microns for different applications such as notebooks, shopping bags, packing, etc. 

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