Located in the northwest of IRAN is the first Stone paper manufacturing company in IRAN with private investment. ILHANLAR Y.M.T.D.T. was chosen as a supplier for this project in 2017. The production capacity of the factory is about 6000 tons per year capable of producing paper from 70 micrometers thickness to 1000 micrometers.  

Aligudarz Paper Production Company 

Aligudarz, also known as ‘Ali Gudār, is a city and capital of Aligudarz County, Lorestan Province, Iran.  ILHANLAR Y.M.T.D.T. as a main supplier of stone paper machinery in middle-east was chosen to establish a factory with 12000 tons per year in 2022. The factory will start in 2023.

lLam Paper Production Company

Ilam is a Kurdish city and capital of Ilam Province, in the west of Iran. ILHANLAR Y.M.T.D.T. agreed to establish a paper factory with 6000 tons per year capacity in 2023. The paper production line for this project is a complicated line that requires knowledge and experience to establish. ILHANLAR Y.T.M.D.T. is the only engineering company that can accomplish this project due to its complexity. The factory will launch in early 2024.